Strumming Ukuleles During a Pandemic

Over the last 8 months we’ve met online, by the library, and on the streets of Southport. We’ve withstood, rain, hurricanes, tornados, heat, humidity, bugs, and loud reggae music man. But through it all, most importantly, we’ve gotten to play our ukuleles together and stayed healthy. With the colder weather approaching and the threat of a second wave, how do we move forward with everyone’s health and safety in mind? I understand the apprehension most everyone is experiencing about moving indoors and I had the same before I went back to work at The Y in June. Being inside with co-workers and hundreds of members a day, trusting that the mask I was wearing and the social distancing protocols we put in place would be effective in keeping the staff and members safe. I am happy to say that we’ve been running group exercise class, summer camp, pre/post school-age care, and all without incident. With this experience, I feel we can move our weekly get together indoors with everyone’s health and safety in mind.

Tom has graciously offered up a commercial property at 698 West Ave in Norwalk for our Tuesday nights. It’s 5,000 sq/ft and 25 foot ceiling, spacious and airy. Plenty of room for us to spread out to be at least 12 feet away from each other. All other social distance protocols would be observed, masking wearing and keeping six feet distance between us when we’re not singing.

(698 West Avenue, Norwalk)

All considered this seems to be the best option for continuing our weekly meet-ups through the cold weather still keeping everyone safe and healthy. These are unprecedented times and we’re all navigating through and trying to make the best decisions for all. What feels safe for one of us may not be for all of us, but hopefully this option will work best for most of us.

Let me know me know what you think and keep strummin’.


3 thoughts on “Strumming Ukuleles During a Pandemic

  1. I was thinking that with the shift to standard time, you would have to revert to doing Facebook Live from your home, but it sounds like you’ve found an excellent solution (with Tom’s help) so the group can keep strumming together. It should be safe for most everyone. I’ve been doing indoor Yoga at my Y in CT with a max of 9 in the class since June. I haven’t heard of anyone getting sick.
    I’m so happy for you Steve and for my CUkes friends.

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to get together and play. I look forward to indoors next Tuesday!

    1. Looking forward to seeing and strumming with you again! See you on Tuesday.

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